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Compare Trade Finance.Com Ltd

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Who are we


CTF’s primary aim is to help those entrepreneurs and SME’s who aspire to grow their businesses through trading internationally. They may not have all the in-house expertise to make it happen but with CTF working alongside you we can help turn your ideas and plans into reality. It does not matter if you are a new business just starting out and seeking some general advice on business finance or maybe you are new to importing or exporting and want help in getting started or possibly you are a seasoned business that wants to expand into overseas territories. CTF’s experienced consultants together with our preferred independent partners and professional advisers can all help with that journey.  Our website will provide you with useful tips and information across a wide range of topics and we will promote events that will help you and your business on that journey to international trade success.

What we can do to help 


We can help you look beyond the UK market for sourcing products and selling goods and this we do by identifying potential trading partners in overseas territories be these suppliers or distributors/ retail outlets.  With our preferred partners, help is never far away, be this finding the right finance package to fund any working capital deficit that may arise during the trading cycle to securing term loans, general working capital facilities, asset finance, invoice finance, commercial or private mortgage. Maybe you need to mitigate a currency risk, find the best and most effective transport route for your goods, seek out grants, or even advertise your products on the radio.  Whatever your need we will find a solution that works for you


We recognise that we cannot do it all on our own and so we have linked up with some service and product partners who we believe will treat your business as if it was their own. The following is just a few who can make life easier for you, your business and possibly even your colleagues, suppliers and buyers:

 Par Forwarding Services Ltd  -  Freight Forwarders

 MCB Financial Services - Commercial loans and mortgages

Deyton Bell Ltd - Specialist Services including grant programmes

e BSI Export Academy - On-line Trade Finance learning 

Tongue Tied (Manchester) Ltd  - Language Agency – Specialist Translators 

Radio Caroline - Radio Advertising for businesses exporting to or selling to the UK and Europe 

Synergy in Trade Ltd  - Trade Finance Specialists 

For further information on our partners - Click on the Partners name  above which will take you to the Partners Information page where can find out more about how they can help your business and remember when you contact them let them know that you heard about them on the CTF website


In News & Events you will find details of events that are taking place around the globe which may be of interest to those trading internationally, read about other entrepreneurs experiences be this trade related or finance related or maybe as a contributor you want others to read about your success story. If you have a story to tell or an experience to share then why e mail us and we can publish it on our website.  

Your Resource for Expansion


We can work with you to:  

Identify where, with your current trading terms your business stands in the ‘Risk Ladder’: and/or 

Determine the trade cycle / time line and highlight any risks as well assess whether there is a working capital deficit: and/or 

Understand which trade finance products and solutions can best help bridge the deficit and mitigate the risk 

We can explain the fees and commissions structure that a financier may apply for the products and services see how some of this can become cost neutral.


If it is the currency, country or buyer risk that concerns you or you are looking at the options to preserve that retention of title until you are paid or have a guarantee of payment, we will show you some of the ways to mitigate the risks in these areas.

Should you need help with finding alternative partners be they in finance, legal, freight, logistics, credit insurance or Government organizations, our database of contacts and website links may be the answer. 

If it is hands-on practical help that you are looking for then our Regional Consultants, many of whom have had long careers with International banks and finance houses and have a great deal of knowledge and experience, will be able to provide you with support and guidance and this can include preparing a detailed ‘Request for Trade Finance’ which you can present to your bank. Our Consultants can even accompany you to the meeting with your bank/financiers. As you would expect the Consultants’ help is not totally free but it will be affordable and the cost savings you can make with the right trade solutions will more or less cover the charges, so effectively 'cost neutral'.  

Whatever your international trading requirements, whether you are new to importing or exporting or a seasoned trader, Compare Trade Finance.Com Ltd with its consultants, partners and sponsors are just a phone call or e mail away.  

It does not matter how trivial the issue may seem, if it is worrying you then it is important therefore why not chat it through with us and by sharing that nagging issue together we may find a way to solve a problem so that it is no more.

CTF's Offer to You


If you are currently trading internationally or aspire to trade internationally Compare Trade Finance. Com Ltd is here to help take the worry and stress out of understanding trade finance by  helping you get to know how trade products and services can support your business. 

Our aim is to be your partner and work with you to get the best solutions from your financiers and be a source of help and information. Our Consultants can take you through most aspects around the funding of International Trade orwith general  funding your business in general be this loans, working capital or commercial mortgages or if something is of a concern they will try and assist. 

If you would like any help or assistance or have a nagging issue that you would like to talk through you can call one of our consultants now. It does not matter how trivial the issue may seem, if it is worrying you then it is important therefore why not chat it through with us and by sharing that nagging issue together we may find a way to solve a problem so that it is no more.

If you are busy and simply do not have the time to call then complete the 'Contact Us' below with your inquiry or questions and one of our Consultants will call you back. If you would rather use the e mail then send it to '


If you are interested in finding out more about the range of trade finance products & services that could help you and your business, or how to get general financial help, maybe you are looking for a commercial loan or mortgage, need advice from a freight forwarder or are keen to improve your knowledge of international trade through e Learning -  it is all here and with more information being added regularly make our website one of your favourites.


Subject to availability CTF is able to offer an initial free one hour consultation to those businesses who are either trading internationally or wish to trade internationally. For businesses in the Eastern Counties, and London we can a visit to your premises. Alternatively it can be by Skype or Whatsapp or a conference call.  If you would like one of our consultants to work with you going forward on a particular contract or more general trading this can be arranged with a choice of schemes that mean the Consultants can work on a hourly basis or by the day and they can be with you as often or as little as is needed. It can involve regular visits to your offices or simply a weekly conference call. You decide how much time you want us to work with you.  For more information about our rates give us a call or send us an e mail.     

Compare Trade Finance.Com Ltd

Compare Trade Finance.Com Ltd is not a price comparison website nor does it offer financial advice. It provides information, assistance and consultancy services only and for some services fees are charged to the client. Details available on request

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If you are looking for advice or simply want to understand more about  Import or Export finance solutions call us. We will keep it simple and straight forward without  the technical jargon.  If we are successful in helping you then hopefully your business will reap the benefits. Contact us now by e mail or give any one of our consultants a call:

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